About our BBQ School

06 November, 2013

Rusted Truck Ranch BBQ BOOT CAMP! 

Want to be a Backyard Hero? The Rusted Truck Ranch BBQ School will teach you how to create the finest Texas BBQ. The class teaches our award winning recipes and techniques, and shows the exact steps used when we cater and cook in competitions.  

During the 6 hour course, you will learn first-hand how to prepare and cook Brisket, Pork Butt, two styles of Ribs (spare and baby backs), Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin, and Beer Can Chicken. The class will cover step by step instructions on selection of meats, trimming and seasoning the various cuts, fire building and control, cooking and completion temperatures, smoke techniques, BBQ gear, and carving/serving of the final product. We will cook on a variety of pits including our Pitmaker off-set cooker, our Pitmaker vertical insullated smoker, a Master Built electric smoker, and our Kamado Joe style cooker (Big Green Egg).

Students arrive at 11:00am. Fires will be lit,  and after a short introduction we will begin prepping the various meats. We will taste the items being cooked throughout the afternoon. The session concludes around 6pm, and in order to ensure that you leave with all of the necessary information, each student will receive a booklet that includes step-by-step instructions on the topics covered throughout the day. Students who attend see immediate results in the quality of their Backyard offerings. Below are a few quotes from previous students:

-Kyle I can't thank you enough for all that you shared with me Saturday. First thing Sunday I went to Costco and bought my 2 pack of pork butts and I put them on at about 1:00 and I had them resting at 6:30.  My family went nuts over the new style of cooking , so I took the 2nd butt to work today and now I am the talk of the office.

 -Holy cow, I have to compliment you on your rib technique. I have always been a "low and slow" guy. Well today I decided to smoke up some baby backs and go "hot and fast." I followed your instructions to the letter. They were the best tasting ribs I've ever made. 

-I had a bunch of people over on Sunday and cooked up a bunch of ribs and officially earned my backyard "hero" status. That class kicked some ass!

Classes typically happen in the Grapevine/Southlake area and are subject to appropriate weather. Price is $150.00 per person. 

If you are interested in attending, email kyle@rustedtruckranch.com to reserve your spot. 

We are also available for private events and corporate parties.  With a minimum group of 18 students, we will bring the class to the location of your choice.