Grilled Corn

04 July, 2014

One of my favorite vegetables to cook outside is corn. Personally, I like to cook mine directly over the fire. The direct heat produces some tasty grilled kernels, and if cooking over coals or hardwood, the corn will absorb some smoke flavor. 

Step 1 - Buy fresh corn from your local grocery store

Look for cobs that have clean green husks and no brown spots. 

Step 2 - Clean and cut

Start at the top (where the silk is brown) and remove the husk and silk. Trim off the top portion where the kernels are not filled out, and remove the stem on the bottom of the corn. Rinse with water to remove any remaining silk. 

Step 3 -  Prepare the basting mixture

Melt 1 stick of butter in a microwave safe dish. Then add 1 teaspoon of lime juice, and one teaspoon of Pedal to the Medal. Mix thoroughly. 

Step 4 - Grill the corn

Place corn directly on the grill  and baste regularly with butter mixture. Turn corn frequently to ensure even cooking. With a fire temp around 350, the corn will take about 10 minutes to cook. 


Step 5 - Season and Serve

Sprinkle some Classic Cruiser (for the kids) or Pedal to the Metal (for the adults) and serve. 

Suggested Serving

BBQ: Beer Can Chicken

Beer:  Community Beer Company Wit Bier

Music: Pat Green - Songs about Texas

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