Bear Paws

22 January, 2014

Bear paws are on of the newest products in our store, but have been a staple in my BBQ toolbox for quite some time. I found this product in a cooking forum a couple of years ago, and decided to give them a try. My expectations for their use were primarily built around the ability to shred (or pull) meat. That expectation was quickly expanded once I put these bad boys to work. 

One of the main challenges when barbecuing is handling hot meat. While tongs are great on smaller items (chicken wings and ribs), they simply aren’t effective on larger cuts of meat typically associated with smoking. (Try moving a 12lb brisket with a set of tongs and it will probably end up on the ground covered in dirt). This is where Bear Paws step in and become a much more effective option.

I routinely use my Bear Paws to move the position of a brisket, transfer a pork butt to foil for wrapping, or pull a beer can chicken from the grill. The paws keep my hand away from the hot meat, and their sharp ends ensure I that my perfectly smoked brisket doesn’t get donated to the dogs. I also use them to rotate my racks of ribs or flip my half chickens skin side down. They are a staple in my cooking activities, but their duties extend beyond just helping around the pit. 


My favorite use of this tool is in carving meat. As I stated in the opening paragraph, these tools are a no brainer when it comes to pulled pork. However, they are equally as impressive when carving brisket or chicken. The pointy ends are very useful when stabilizes a large cut of smoked meat. A pear paw in my left hand will stabilize the brisket MUCH better than a traditional meat fork, while right hand and knife does the delicate work.

I also regularly reach for my paws when serving meat. They act as a giant serving fork and I can quickly dish out brisket, pork, or chicken. 

Once the meal is complete, they go into the dishwasher for quick and easy clean up. Give this tool a try. It will quickly be one of your favorite pieces of equipment. 

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